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According to Forbes, this year’s Cyber Monday was the largest online shopping day in US history. It surpassed all expectations to produce a 15.1% increase over last year, delivering $10.8 billion in online sales for the day.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the seismic shift to online, but regardless of the specter that is COVID-19, sales have been trending online, and most companies have realized that.…

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The Sales Roundup, GoDaddy’s July Sales, Part 2: Why Sold for $75,000, and More

In part 1 of the July GoDaddy special of the Sales Roundup, I looked at 5 sales that GoDaddy recently reported from July 2020. Those sales included for $151,000, for $140,000, and for $129,500.

In this 2nd part of the Sales Roundup special, I’m looking at 5 more sales from GoDaddy to see why they sold for the prices that they did, and what they’re now being used for.…

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Wrap Technologies Upgrades to to Coincide with NASDAQ Name Change

Wrap Technologies, founded in 2016, is described as an innovator of modern policing solutions. It certainly gained traction, as, after around two years of operating, the company started trading on the NASDAQ.

Recently, Wrap upgraded from to the shorter after acquiring the name from an advertising company, SQAD LLC, based in New York.…

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8 Black Friday Domain Industry Deals

Black Friday. The period of overwhelming consumerism is here, and the domain industry has some offers that may be tempting for readers. Here, I’ve compiled eight offers from registrars and other domain industry companies that may be worth your while.



DNAcademy, the accelerated learning platform created by Michael Cyger, is offering $100 off the full DNAcademy course, plus some bonuses:

  • A copy of Yogi Solanki’s ebook, entitled “Domain Outbound Marketing”
  • A standard pass to January’s NamesCon Online event
  • Access to two DNAcademy-only valuation sessions during NamesCon Online
  • A Zoom holiday meet and greet for Black Friday registrants.

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