James/Names is a domain name-centric blog, published by industry writer and consultant James Iles.

Since 2015, James has been a regular writer and commentator within the domain name industry and has created over 700 articles for NamePros in the role of lead writer for the NamePros Blog from 2015-2019.

Since May 2020, James has been building James/Names into one of the domain industry’s most popular sources for data, research, and industry news. 

Aside from JamesNames.com, James works with some of the best and brightest from the domain industry. He continues to contribute to the likes of DNAcademy and Media Options, while also working on behind the scenes projects for investors, startups, and entrepreneurs.

Some of James’ previous work has been referenced as a source by international news outlets such as TechCrunch, The Verge, and Gizmodo.

James is open to discussing new opportunities within the domain name industry and can be contacted here.