How Bulk Powders Transitioned to

In 2020, British supplements brand Bulk Powders acquired the domain name in anticipation of a complete overhaul of the company’s identity. 

The brand’s switch from to happened in late 2020, as I documented.

Founded in 2006, Bulk Powders was a brand created by two university students who borrowed £6,000 (around $8,300) to launch the sports nutrition company, operating on 

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Top Domains Owned by Koober Investments Ltd:,, and More…

In December 2020, Koober Investments Ltd made headlines in the domain name industry by acquiring the domain for $803,025. In the days after that acquisition, it was revealed that the mysterious company also acquired for an undisclosed fee. 

It turns out that Koober Investments Ltd, based in the British Virgin Islands, owns a portfolio packed with some of the best domains in existence.

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What Does .COM Stand For?

If you’re a consumer, you’ll see a .COM address multiple times per day. If you’re a domain investor, you’ll likely see .COM names hundreds or perhaps thousands of times per day. 

The .COM extension is synonymous with the Internet as a whole and has been the world’s most popular TLD since its inception.

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