How to Sell a Domain Name Via a Payment Plan

If you have a buyer that can’t afford to buy a domain name outright, then using the option of a payment plan can facilitate a sale where it may not have been possible before.

A payment plan domain sale is defined as a domain transaction in which the acquisition fee is paid for over a predetermined period of time (this could be months or years).…

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Pro Athlete Acquires, Upgrades from

Another company made a significant one-word .COM domain acquisition recently as Pro Athlete Inc acquired

Pro Athlete Inc, based in Kansas City, Missouri, is an online retailer specializing in baseball bats and gloves. However, in late 2019 to early 2020, the company branched out by acquiring Routine Baseball LLC. According to,…

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The Sales Roundup, GoDaddy’s July Sales, Part 1: Why Sold for $151,000 & More

Last week, GoDaddy released its monthly sales data for July 2020, disclosing some healthy sales figures between $32,000 and $151,000. In this week’s¬†Sales Roundup, I’m looking at five sales from GoDaddy’s list to see why they may have achieved the prices they did, as well as finding out who acquired these domains.…

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Brent Oxley Sells

Hostgator founder Brent Oxley has sold another one-word .COM. After confirming that Brent has sold and in lease-to-own transactions this year, it’s come to light that Brent also sold in an outright sale a couple of months ago. This was confirmed to me by Brent. Strangely, the new owner’s office is 2 miles from my home!…

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Design Pickle Acquires

Founded in 2015, Design Pickle is a graphic design company with a difference. Instead of hiring an in-house graphic designer or a freelancer to work on visuals, Design Pickle matches you with a vetted professional designer to work on your projects.

Today, I can reveal that Design Pickle has just acquired the…

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Founded in 1992, Zee Entertainment is one of India’s largest media companies. Traded on the NSE (National Stock Exchange of India), Zee is purportedly¬†amongst the largest producers and aggregators of Hindi programming in the world.

Up until recently, Zee has been operating on The company recently looks to have made a major upgrade by moving to the three-letter domain,…

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