Data Driven: Unicorn Upgrades – When Did They Happen? – Part 1

Unicorns. Aside from being mythical creatures, the term unicorn is also used to describe companies. In particular, privately held startup companies that are valued at $1 billion or more.

Most unicorn companies don’t start out by owning their best, exact-match .COM domain name. When a company starts its life, domain names aren’t necessarily a priority, so many opt for lesser names.…

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Prefix Analysis: Are “Get+Keyword” Domains Worth Investing In?

Looking through data on startups, I routinely come across companies using the appendage “Get” before their brand name, such as, if a company’s name is “Example”. For most companies, this isn’t the most desirable domain. Their best domain, in this case,, is either too expensive for the company to acquire, or it’s already in active use.…

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Data Driven: How Many Startups Actually Listen to Paul Graham’s Advice?

Paul Graham is, in short, one of the great innovators of the Internet era. Seven years after selling his company Viaweb to Yahoo! in 1998 for 455,000 shares of Yahoo! stock, Paul co-created Y Combinator to provide seed funding to startups with a bias towards tech and online ventures. Y Combinator has become the world’s foremost startup accelerator and has previously invested in companies such as Dropbox, Coinbase, and Stripe.…

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