How to Sell a Domain Name Via a Payment Plan

If you have a buyer that can’t afford to buy a domain name outright, then using the option of a payment plan can facilitate a sale where it may not have been possible before.

A payment plan domain sale is defined as a domain transaction in which the acquisition fee is paid for over a predetermined period of time (this could be months or years).…

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Possible 7 Figure Sales in 2020 – Part 1:, and More

In 2020, there has been a distinct lack of publicly disclosed seven-figure domain sales. In 2019, NameBio lists six sales in the $1 million and up category, with a further two names selling between $900,000 and $1 million.

This year NameBio lists at $720,000 as the largest sale.

You’ll notice that in the first line of this article, I wrote that there’s a distinct lack of publicly disclosed seven-figure sales.…

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Domain Names and the 2020 US Election, Part 2 – The Republicans… Donald Trump, and

President Donald J Trump has been one of the most controversial Presidents in American history. Polls across both conservative and liberal media have shown a stark divide within the Trump era of American politics.

However, Trump successfully captured the mood of a vast swathe of the nation during his campaign to get to the White House.…

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Domain Names and the 2020 US Election, Part 1 – The Democrats

The modern election-winning strategy has to have a heavy online element. Back in February, CBS News published an article estimating that digital spending for the US Presidential election would top $1 billion.

Facebook is due to get the majority of that digital spending revenue, but at the heart of most of this digital political spending is a domain name.…

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