After Getting $106,769 for, the Seller Wants $150,000 for

Yesterday, GoDaddy released its first domain sales list in five years. It’s a significant moment for a publicly listed company to willingly disclose data like this, and it’s only going to help the domain industry in the long term.

This Saturday, I’m going to do a special edition of the Sales Roundup analyzing some of the domain sales from that GoDaddy list, but there’s one piece of information that deserved an article of its own.…

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Leo Radvinsky – Another Venture Capitalist That Loves Domains, Namely and

In the past, I’ve featured Paul Graham and Jason Calacanis on this blog. Two famous venture capitalists who recognize the part that domain names play in the success of a startup.

Jason has even acquired his fair share of top domain names. After selling a couple of years ago, Jason still owns and operates…

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5 Ways to Contact the Owner of a GoDaddy-Registered Domain After the CCPA

In April 2020, GoDaddy announced that they would be removing public WHOIS information. In a statement given to Elliot Silver of, GoDaddy said that

“Due to changing privacy regulations in the U.S. and around the world, GoDaddy is in the process of making some changes to align our offerings similar to what we did in GDPR regions.”

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