GoDaddy’s NameFind Acquires Another Portfolio

Domain consultant and researcher Jamie Zoch recently noticed that GoDaddy’s NameFind brand became the registrant of a sizable number of domain names, prompting speculation that GoDaddy had acquired another portfolio of domains.

The domain names that NameFind took possession of, according to Jamie, were previously registered to “Quality Hosting,” or “Cayman Web.”…

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The domain name, which was pendingTransfer, has now moved from DreamHost to registrar Epik.

Social network Parler has been making headlines in the last few days. After reported complaints that Parler was used to coordinate the recent storming of the US Capitol building, Apple and Google removed the network’s app from their respective app stores.…

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Booth Brothers Announce Acquisition of

First-name .COM domains can be valuable brand names. The likes of,, and even have been transformed into valuable brands that have received significant backing.

For domain investors, common first-name .COM domains can be the most difficult to acquire, but the duo of Andy Booth and James Booth have announced their joint acquisition of the domain…

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Rick Schwartz’s $935,000 Sale Looks Complete as the Domain Moves to Manila

On December 21st, 2020, legendary domain investor Rick Schwartz announced his latest in a sizable line of impressive sales;

In a tweet on December 21st, 2020, Rick revealed that the domain had entered escrow. The actual total sales price, as disclosed by Rick, was $935,000 including commission fees, with Rick clearing $850,000:

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