The Sales Roundup, GoDaddy’s July Sales, Part 2: Why Sold for $75,000, and More

In part 1 of the July GoDaddy special of the Sales Roundup, I looked at 5 sales that GoDaddy recently reported from July 2020. Those sales included for $151,000, for $140,000, and for $129,500.

In this 2nd part of the Sales Roundup special, I’m looking at 5 more sales from GoDaddy to see why they sold for the prices that they did, and what they’re now being used for.…

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The Sales Roundup: Why Sold for $150,000 and More

In my Sales Roundup this week, I’m exploring the stories behind five domain sales listed in DNJournal’s sales chart from March 4th, 2020, finding out why domains such as,,,, and sold for the prices they did. – $306,000

Topping the chart this week is the sale of…

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