Resolve Physician Agency Acquires via Sedo

Last week, a couple of investors noticed that the domain moved from its longstanding ownership at financial technologies company D+H Ltd into a Sedo holding account.

Jamie Zoch of DotWeekly tweeted the news:

Read more Looks to Have Been Sold by Telepathy, After Reportedly Sells for £83,000

Telepathy Inc, the domain investment portfolio founded by industry veteran Nat Cohen, has a penchant for short names. The company is listed as owning hundreds of three-letter .COM’s, and also several two-letter .COM’s.

It seems that Telepathy may have sold one of its two-letter .COM’s after was transferred out of Telepathy’s…

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Buyer of for $49,995 Revealed

Earlier this week, domain investor and broker James Booth revealed that he had completed the sale of the domain for $49,995:

The WHOIS data for still shows the name is officially in Escrow, but the nameservers have been updated to display a website for Sun Finance, which is described as “a social experiment dedicated to the advancement of TRON’s DeFi.”…

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Mike Mann Announces $39,888 Sale of

Domain investor and founder of, Mike Mann, took to Twitter on Saturday night to announce his latest significant domain sale, that of for $39,888.

According to Mike’s tweet, he acquired the domain in July 2017 for $19, likely from an expired auction or a GoDaddy closeout listing. According to WHOIS history, the domain was owned by a doctor from California before it transferred to Mann’s possession.…

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