The Domain Name Checklist – What to Do After Buying a Domain Name

What’s the first thing you do when you acquire or register a domain name? Some domainers may already have a slick setup sequence in place for investment domains, but some of you may need a little help with this.

Consistently performing the right actions after you have acquired a domain name to be resold can ensure that you use the best practices to keep your related domain data accurate, which is extremely important.…

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The Sales Roundup: Why Sold for $91,183, and More

The Sales Roundup is a weekly insight into why certain domains sell for specific prices. We see tonnes of data every day, and it’s often very difficult to understand why a certain domain sells for a certain amount.

In my Sales Roundup, I’m looking at the story behind five domain sales that were listed on the DNJournal chart, published on May 13th, 2020.…

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Interview: AbdulBasit Makrani on His 6 Month Afternic Experiment

Six months ago, domain investor AbdulBasit Makrani made the decision to move his almost four thousand domain portfolio from Uniregistry landing pages to Afternic to see whether the established Afternic platform would help to increase sales.

Every month at NamePros, AbdulBasit has been open about his experiences with Afternic, publishing his sales data for all to see.…

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Did Sell Last Month?

It has been well established that two-letter .COM domains hold significant value for both investors and end-users. Thanks to their scarcity, their ability to instantly instill trust in visitors, and their global appeal, two-letter .COM’s are commonly thought to have at least a mid-six-figure valuation.

Of course, some names are worth more than others.…

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